Taste History and Michelin-star Chefs Series: Kevin Bonello/Mondion Restaurant

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The abundance of rabbits and hares in early modern Malta is a known fact. They provided an alternative source of meat in an otherwise restricted fauna on these islands. The archives of the Inquisition provide indispensable insights into the consumption of rabbit meat. The Apulian painter Gio Matteo Stagno consumed pezzi di coniglio while Claretta Sguro prepared un pastizzo di carne di coniglio.

It is therefore not surprising that today our Michelin series continues with Kevin Bonello’s feast for both the eyes and the palate, named Duo of Local Hunted Rabbit. Kevin, who is chef de cuisine at the de Mondion Restaurant in Mdina, was inspired by our long history of rabbit consumption and came up with this intriguing new take on a centuries-old tradition.

Kevin Bonello muses on the fascinating new twist he gave to an old Maltese culinary tradition

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