A quick walk through our history

This is our Story

Heritage Malta is introducing a new concept to Museums on the island. An opportunity for guests to taste Maltese and Mediterranean history. The vast documentary evidence found in Malta is rich enough to produce the unexpected for the discerning visitor. Join expert historians and fellow learners as you immerse yourself in the changing tastes of history in 18th century Malta.

A professional team, of curators and chefs come together to recreate the paupers’ frugal snacks, the corsair’s celebratory dinner, the Grand Master’s wine list, the inquistor’s lent dinner and the Merchant’s decadent dessert. The results are as surprising as the flavours which have been brought back to life.

our inspiration

Our inspiration are the museums and sites that Heritage Malta Curates. Within these spaces artifacts, documents and paintings help us recreate menus from a bygone era. Recipe books, kitchen inventories, butcher bills, and receipts from pasta factories are the building blocks for our inspiration

our menus

The pages of history that inspire our menus make for some sumptous reading. Think, freshly prepared lemonade, vermicelli with bottarga, rabbit risotto, mutton stewed in goats cheese, rabbit pastizzi, ships biscuit with spicy pork sausage, taglioni served with an indivia and butter sauce, grilled octopus, spicy mussel stew, fresh strawberries, Rum spiced with mint and cane sugar, almond biscuits and for the lucky few pistacchio ice cream.


We promise that…

To produce such meals our curators look for the details in our 18th century documents and manuscripts. Details that give colour and spice to the knowledge we have about what our ancestors ate. As happened back in the 18th century we bring together foreign influence and spices together with the freshest of local ingredients. Heritage Malta goes to local farms to acquire the most genuine of products from local food producers. Making our meals ethical, sustainable and fresh, while constantly supporting local producers and their families.

About Us

Our pride in cheese

Our cheese is sourced locally, exclusively made from Maltese sheep cheese and lovingly aged for us. Firm and flaky, this aged and crunch cheese has everything you want in a matured sheep’s milk cheese.

Fruit & Vegetables

We believe in acquiring only the freshest of ingredients. Sourcing local produce helps us stay true to our mission. Chopping and changing our ingredients according to season. This is the only way of getting fresh delicate flavours. A handful of wild rucola, a dash of blossom water and a squeeze of lemon.


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