Taste History and Michelin-star Chefs Series: Victor Borg/Under Grain Restaurant

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As promised, today we’re giving you another glimpse of the meals inspired by bygone eras, of the food prepared and enjoyed by our forefathers. An inheritance which has been passed down to us in old documents handwritten in faded ink so that we may imagine the textures, the flavours and the smells, and even try our hand at recreating some of the recipes.

Archival evidence sheds interesting light on the consumption patterns of the Dominican friars of Valletta, who liked to eat pasta and also consumed large quantities of kosksu. Fresh cheeselets and eggs went into the preparation of the macaroni eaten by the friars, who bought their ingredients from the Valletta market a few metres away from their priory.

Inspired by this information, Victor Borg – Michelin-star executive chef at Under Grain Restaurant in Valletta – whipped up one of his finest creations yet and named it Papiri Gentile Selection. Stay tuned for more delectable works of art inspired by the food of our forefathers!

Victor Borg sits proudly by his creation, accompanied by an early 20th century representation of a Dominican friar and other artefacts from the national collection.

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