Ful, ċiċri u karawett

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Ful, ċiċri u karawett – l-għajta nofs il-bejgħ. Children would miss the calling of their mother but not the cries of the peanut seller. Always present in places of significant public gatherings, the horse-racing track and the football stands on a Sunday or the Sliema front or the beach during the summer. Lugging around a sizable cane basket with a cloth-covered handle intended to relieve the stress on the arm, the peanut seller was constantly on the lookout for those clients who required his service.

Before the introduction of plastic bags, the peanut seller provided his own packaging with a conical-shaped container made from baking paper. It is also popularly known that the peanut seller kept the small change in a handkerchief to avoid spilling any of the hard-earned money.

Maybe this image rekindles your recollection of an aspect of Malta’s lost socio-cultural scene.

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