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The feast of St Peter and St Paul, popularly known as L-Imnarja, was one of the most important feasts attracting participants from all over the island, who flocked to Buskett to enjoy some merrymaking. The two-day celebration centred around the Agrarian Society’s annual Folklore Competition.

Għana singing lifted the spirits through the canopy of trees. Maltese ballads and impromptu songs were accompanied by guitars and other traditional musical instruments: iż-żaqq, il-flejguta, it-tanbur and iż-żummara.

With activities encroaching into the early hours of the day, many could satiate their hunger through the services offered by the customary vendors of fried rabbit and wine. The well-loved menu of the Imnarja night was usually consumed in large quantities. Viva San Pietru u San Pawl!

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