Six priests and a boat (Part 1)

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As islanders, one of our favourite summer pastimes is to rent a boat and sail out with friends to enjoy our beautiful coastline. Our forefathers, it seems, loved to do the same. In August 1760, six priests from Qormi decided to rent a boat and spend a few days at leisure round Malta. Accompanying them were two sailors from the Order’s ship ‘San Antonio’, two barklori, and a six-year-old girl.

An hour before sunrise, the small boat sailed out of harbour. The barklori and the sailors rowed towards the north of the island. Making haste for Selmun, they arrived at the beach known as Għajn Ħadid. Once close to shore, the priests, wearing civilian clothes, jumped off the boat and explained to their sailors that they would spend the day hunting for wild rabbits in the area.

Whilst the priests hunted for rabbits, the sailors stopped for a spot of fishing around Mellieħa point. As sunset approached, the boat anchored in Mellieħa Bay. The sailors ate their catch of fish and the priest brought their freshly hunted rabbits.

Watch this space next week if you want to know more about the priests’ little adventure at sea.



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