The Blockade Menu: Amuse-bouche

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This amuse-bouche recreates an entree that might have been served at the table of General Vaubois during the French Blockade in 1799. Book a private event with Heritage Malta’s Taste History Team and travel your tastebuds back in time. The starter consists of aged local Pecorino cheese and Gouda cheese served with Maltese dates and olives accompanied by ship’s biscuits. The Pecorino is made from local sheep’s milk and aged for three months in a cellar, following a centuries-old tradition, in one of Heritage Malta’s sites. Smooth, fresh, and unwrinkled, the dates exclusively sourced for Heritage Malta are rarely cultivated on these Islands. The ship’s biscuits, made from flour, water, and salt are a precursor to present-day ‘Galletti’ (water biscuits).

The ‘blockade menu’ is just one of the many bespoke meals inspired by artefacts and historical documents that Taste History recreates for private events. Catering for small intimate celebrations to corporate gatherings of up to 80 guests, the Taste History team of curators and chefs organise exclusive, tailor-made meals and banquets to suit every occasion. Prospective guests may select from a catalogue of historical meals, seasonal ingredients, and an extensive portfolio of unique historical venues comprising palaces, forts, museums, and auberges to stage your special occasion in.

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